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Ray Dar
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Ray Dar
atomic rays
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Next Gig! Friday - 19th January 2018   A Night for Helen at The Tunnels OK kids, this is the Rays last gig for 6 months. We're supporting Hipster (all the way from Chester) for a fundraiser in memory of Helen Minnery. Proceeds are going to Beating Bowel Cancer.

Running order:
Acoustic set from Jody of Hipster 7.45-8.30
Atomic Rays 9-10
Hipster 10.30-12

Tickets are £10 and if you'd like one, use the "email the atomic rays" link.

Apparently you can pay on the door.

Then we're off to India with our gurus to find the lost chord.
Atomic Rays - Ray Dar Ray Dar - Drums

Flight Sergeant Ray Dar (Air National Guard) was the apparently ordinary rear gunner aboard The Atomic Ray’s converted B29 that took them to the fallout shelter in 1957.

However, little was it known at the time that Ray’s cardio-vascular system had in fact been replaced with an atomic pile by the U.S. government’s top secret super weapons department. The pile allows Rear Gunner Ray Dar to continue with only limited fuel (light kebabs and beer) for seemingly unlimited amounts of time (and volume).

Sadly, the side effect of this experimental technology is that Ray is unable to differentiate between people and drums. Ray has recently split from old drums and embarked on a new relationship with “Ludwig”. His old drums were heard to remark something about a “spangly white tart” but we hope they get over it.

As a result of Ray Dar’s confusion, caution is advised by all Earthlings coming into contact with him.

Physical contact should be avoided if possible


Ray Dar