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Ray Zor
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Ray Zor
atomic rays
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Atomic Rays - Ray Zor Ray Zor - Guitar

Razosaurus Erectus was a carnivorous and highly aggressive genus thought to have become extinct towards the end of the Cretaceous period some 65.5 million years ago. However, controversial French nuclear testing at Moruroa Atoll led to unprecedented repercussions as a sole-surviving member of the species was unleashed to cause havoc across the globe. It appears that this unique specimen had been encased in a block of ice for millions years until the Gallic fission fanciers’ forays into the realm of god turned the creature’s chilly prison to so much lukewarm water. Nicknamed “Ray Zor” by the international press, the beast continued its reign of terror until the destruction of one-too-many capital cities led to a United Nations call for its capture or destruction.

There no takers for this suicidal mission until, as luck would have it, The Atomic Rays emerged from their fallout shelter in need of a new axe-man. As no ordinary musician would suffice, a highly dangerous member of a long-thought-extinct species of dinosaur seemed the perfect candidate. Professor Gunn masterminded a plan that, like most of his plans, probably involved some kind of a radioactive isotope and a weighted net; achieving what no-one had done before: Ray Zor was taken alive. By a miracle it turned out that The Rays were not as mad as many at the UN had assumed and Ray Zor was, despite his prehistoric origins, a complete diva on the electric 6-string. For Ray Zor the mayhem continues but only in the name of Rock.


Ray Zor